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Quantified Citizen


Quantified Trip Reports will enable you to anonymously record and inform the general and scientific community on your unique psychedelic experiences. 

You will have access free-text trip reports along with structured, objective scales and clinically validated assessments to make sure you are recording your experiences the scientific way.

Explore potential associations between demographic, contextual, and substance use details, as well as changes in mood, well-being, and cognitive function. Link your wearable devices to deepen the dimensions of your data.

Once you complete the study, you will receive rich, personalized results you can use to better understand your trips and its relations to your health. You will also get updates on how other (anonymous) participants are doing and compare your results to the general population. 

We would like to emphasize that this study should not be viewed as advocacy of psychedelic drug use. Its aim is to sample people whose intent to take a psychedelic is already established.


You can begin the study by downloading the Quantified Citizen app, whose link can be found at the top of this page. If you have trouble with registration, please see the FAQ section of this page. Once in the app, look for the Quantified Trip Reports study. You will be guided through the steps to enroll in the study.

Sarah Paschall


Sarah Paschall
Psychedelic Researcher




Maggie Kiraga-1 

Maggie Kiraga
Director of Research


Inclusion criteria:

  • Be the age of 18 or older
  • Participants with full legal and mental capacity
  • Access to a smartphone with internet (iOS or Android) and download the QC mobile app
  • Fluent in English (reading and writing)
  • Be planning to use (or have recently used) (+/- 7days) one of the following substances in a full, macrodose (not a microdose):
    • 2C-B (or other from 2C family)
    • 3-MMC
    • Ayahuasca
    • DMT (or other Tryptamines)
    • Ibogaine
    • Ketamine
    • LSD (Acid or other Lysergamides)
    • MDMA (Ecstasy)
    • Mescaline
    • Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms or Truffles)
    • Salvia

Of note, if a user is currently microdosing but is planning to have a full-dose experience with one of the above substances, they are still eligible to participate

Exclusion criteria

  • lack of fluency in English
  • illiteracy
  • Not currently macrodosing

All information obtained during the study will be entirely anonymous. All digital data collection will be self-administered. You will get a unique, randomly generated username and your identity will remain anonymous. Please write down this username and keep it in a secure location. You will need it to login into the app should you lose your phone as well as to access your individual data summary and aggregated data. If for any reason you no longer have access to your QC account, and you do not remember your username, QC will not be able to regenerate your account.

You will never be asked to provide your real name, address, or date of birth. Averaged group data may be published or publicly presented, but it will not be possible to identify individual participants from this data. The Quantified Citizen app will not have access to any of your personal identifying information. Quantified Citizen will only access IP addresses from server logs for security and quality control and will delete them every 48 hours to limit indirect identifiers. Only authorized QC staff can access server logs based on their role and a need-to-know basis in order to fulfill their duties. IP addresses are not included in the data that will be analyzed in this study.

All of the data you enter into the Quantified Citizen app will be encrypted and stored in perpetuity on servers located in Canada. Anonymous data will be accessible to all researchers involved with this study. The data may be accessible to other researchers in the future. Any data you have previously entered into the app regarding the microdosing study will be used in addition to any data you enter in the future.

Data will be kept for 5 years following publication of the research at which point the data on the external hard drive and university’s server will be wiped clean.

To browse through more FAQs about the app, please visit our Help Center.


How Do I Register?

Download > Start > Complete Walkthrough > Sign Up

Step 1. First Download the Quantified Citizen App here

Step 2. Complete the following walkthrough and select "Sign Up" to create an account:

Note: To skip the walkthrough select "Already have an account? Sign in" at the bottom.

Step 3. For your privacy we identify your account with 12 random words. Take note of these words and store them in a safe place. Treat these like you would treat a password.

Note: You do have access to these words inside the app using the dropdown hamburger menu in the top left and selecting "My Account".

Step 4. Select the the box to confirm that you agree to our Terms and Privacy Policy

Step 5. Select the "SIGN UP" button to continue.

Step 6.  Enter a 4 digit password and then re-enter again to confirm. This can be used to sign in. You can also opt for Apple's Face ID after entering the 4 digit password.

Step 7. You should have a Completed screen as shown below.


Step 8. Press "Next" to enter your dashboard.


What happens to my data?

All of your data is completely anonymous. When you use the Quantified Citizen app you are the owner of your own personal information.

Rest assured all of your data is completely anonymous. When you use the Quantified Citizen app you are the owner of your own personal information. By using our services we do not have ownership, right, title, or interest in your personal information.


Do I receive my personal data during or after a study?

Not yet, but could be coming soon!

Currently, no personal data is shared during or after a study. This has been a popular request from the Quantified Citizen community and we are making strides to make this possible!

Quantified Citizen does not control the data of the customer (you). In order to keep your data anonymous and secure we are not permitted to transmit any customer data to any third party companies or publish it without explicit written consent. You can read more in our Privacy Policy.

Veteran's Affairs Canada

Programs and services for mental health, well-being and financial support.

Veteran's Affairs US

A portal to access and manage veteran support and benefits.

✅ Wellness Together Canada: Call 1-866-585-0445

This is a free, confidential, 24/7 hotline providing free mental health and substance use support. Their platform offers various services ranging from basic wellness information, to one-on-one sessions with a counselor, to participating in a community of support. Whatever it is you’re looking for, visit https://wellnesstogether.ca

Crisis Text Line Canada: Text “HOME” to 686868 or visit https://crisistextline.ca
Crisis Text Line USA: Text “HOME” to 741741 or visit https://crisistextline.org

These are 24-hour, free, support lines (via text medium) for people experiencing all kinds of crises, including suicidal thoughts. 

✅ National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (USA): Call 800-273-TALK (8255)

This is a 24-hour, toll-free, confidential suicide prevention hotline available to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress. For Spanish (Español), dial 1-888-628-9454.  You can also use the Lifeline Chat on the web https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/chat

✅ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration National Helpline (USA): Call 800-662-HELP (4357)

This is a free, confidential, 24/7, 365-day-a-year treatment referral and information service (in English and Spanish) for individuals and families facing mental health and/or substance use challenges.

✅ Fireside Project (USA): Call or text (3pm to 3am PST) 62-FIRESIDE > 623-473-7433

This is a peer support for those in the midst of psychedelic experiences, those sitting for others, and those integrating past psychedelic experiences. You can also access support via an app: https://firesideproject.org/app

✅ Psychedelic Support Therapy

This an online directory of experienced providers, information about integration groups/circles, and online education in the psychedelic space, for more information, visit https://psychedelic.support

✅ Organization of Psychedelic and Entheogenic Nurses

This organization represents nurses, at all levels of training, who work with patients utilizing therapeutic psychedelic medicines. They offer a list of clinical resources for those seeking integration and harm reduction, as well as psychedelic societies/communities, and professional organizations. If you want to learn more, visit https://openurses.org/clinical-resources.

If you have questions about the study, please contact Quantified Citizen at info@quantifiedcitizen.com with “Combat Vets Study” in the subject line. If you ask a question, we will be able to view your email address. However, your email address will not be linked to your data in any way. If you have concerns about your privacy and wish to ask a question, please create an anonymous email address at proton.mw. This service is free, anonymous, and encrypted.

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