• Built for researchers

    Rapid deployment of mobile studies

Mobile ready

With Quantified Citizen you can publish your study to mobile devices without building an app. Reach a diverse pool of participants while protecting their anonymity, and get near real-time insights.

  • A complete eCOA solution implementing eConsent, EMA ePRO
  • Harvest data from wearables and other health data stored on users devices

How it works


1. Sign-up and use our study builder to design your study.

2. Publish your study to the QC mobile platform and reach new participants

3. Manage your data, refine and optimize your study as you go

Real time data, Agile studies

Your data is accessible via a secure dashboard with profiling. This allows for rapid iteration of your study via our study composer.

When working on your study design, you and your team can collaborate, manage versions, approve edits and prepare exports for institutional review.

Privacy by Design

We're committed to data privacy, including encryption, anonymity and transparent policies. Your personal information stays on your device. No sign up, no email, no Facebook connection required. We take this seriously.

Android app coming soon.

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