A platform to disrupt and democratize health research

Quantified Citizen is a proprietary mobile health research platform that allows professional and amateur researchers to design and deploy studies to collect anonymous health data in the form of validated psychological surveys, validated active tasks for cognitive function, visual acuity, motor capabilities/dysfunction, visuospatial memory and executive function, as well as passive health data via Apple Health and Google Fit, including sleep, fitness, heart rate, etc. We make scientific research accessible by modernizing the process. We empower citizen scientists and professional researchers to easily participate and create their own scientific studies, building a movement towards more timely insights into the latest health research.


Kalin Harvey

Cofounder, CTO

Eesmyal Santos-Brault

Cofounder, CEO

Delano Mandelbaum

VP Engineering

Olivia Fischer

Health and Innovation Researcher

Michael Gubik

Senior iOS Developer

Logan Wright

Senior iOS Developer


Dr Aranka Anema


Paul Stamets

Mycelial Networker

Sonia Brodie

Clinical Research

Min Fitzgerald

Business Development

Greg Fitzgerald

Business Strategy